Examples of unconditioned water in your home

Removes harmful chemicals 

Removes harmful contaminants

Saves money
Reduces cleaning time
Cleaning chores become easier
Virtually spotless car wash
Great tasting water
Food and beverages taste better
Clothes are brighter
Clothing feels softer
Clothing is cleaner
Sparkling flatware
Eliminates spots on glassware
Glasses and mirrors sparkle
Fights inflation
Excellent for car batteries

Reduces soap consumption

Luxurious bubble baths

Eliminates soap residue

Benefits of Clean Water​

Here's why our customers love their Aqua iQ Water Treatment Systems, and why you will too!



Eliminates bathtub rings

Keeps skin soft and moisturized
Hair feels soft and looks shinier
Leaves hair more manageable
Makes shaving easier
Razor blades last longer
Biodegradable, earth friendly soap products
Reduce the amount of tea, coffee and concentrates
Improves the quality of your life
Water heaters last longer

Save on hot water heating bills

Save on plumbing repairs

Clear sparkling ice cubes

Eliminate chemical detergents & abrasive cleansers

Irons last longer

Extends life of washing machines

Extends life of dishwashers

Extends life of water heaters
Humidifiers last longer
Pets love it
Great for baby formulas
Eliminates bottled water
Bathing leaves skin feeling luxurious

Enjoy showers in soft, conditioned water

Helps those with dry skin

Save on body lotions and oils
Save on all cleaning products
Eliminate detergent and chemical additives
Eliminate fabric softeners
Save on hair conditioners
Improve your health with purified water
Excellent for car radiators
Sound investment in your home 

Sound investment in your health and lifestyle